Democrat John Hickenlooper to host a birthday fundraiser in New York as he contemplates 2020 run - Southern Business Review


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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Democrat John Hickenlooper to host a birthday fundraiser in New York as he contemplates 2020 run

John Hickenlooper, the Democratic former Colorado governor, is coming to New York on Thursday to celebrate his birthday and raise money for his political action committee as he mulls entering the 2020 race for president, CNBC has learned.

Hickenlooper will be hosting a birthday celebration in midtown Manhattan. Suggested contributions to his Giddy Up political action committee range from $500 to $5,000, according to an invitation first reviewed by CNBC.

While the invitation does not say whether Hickenlooper has decided to run for president, an email to prospective donors hints at a major announcement could be on the horizon.

"After having finished his tenure of sixteen years of public service in Colorado (eight years as Mayor of Denver and eight as Governor), Hickenlooper is exploring his next steps to figure out if there is a path for him to help re-orient the nation's politics by solving problems together," the email says.

Hickenlooper will be turning 67 years old.

A spokeswoman for his PAC confirmed that Hickenlooper will be hosting his party on Thursday but declined to give details on how many people or who will be attending the event.

The development that Hickenlooper will be coming to New York for a birthday fundraiser comes after CNBC reported that he's one of several other governors and former governors considering a run for president who have recently reached out to top Wall Street and state wide financiers.

Hickenlooper told CNN last week that he has the potential to be the Democratic nominee that beats President Donald Trump in two years but stopped short of an official announcement.

"I think to beat Trump, I think you're going to do better with someone like myself that has a record of accomplishing bringing people together and accomplishing, you know, challenging solutions," Hickenlooper said.

Through the end of 2018, his PAC has raised just over $600,000 and currently has over $330,000 on hand.