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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Art Pope On Giving $10 Million to UNC

art pope | Southern Business Review

Largely because of what we learned at Chapel Hill, we believe excellence isn’t just about the amount of money an institution receives but about how well it is spent. When UNC announced its $4.25 billion “Campaign for Carolina,” the Pope Foundation studied the university’s needs carefully.

We decided to embrace the opportunity to give back to UNC’s “strategic triad” of teaching, research, and public service with a $10 million gift: $5 million for cancer research; $3.75 million for UNC’s innovative Philosophy, Politics and Economics program; $1 million to fund track-and-field scholarships; and $250,000 to UNC Horizons to evaluate its unique addiction-treatment program.

The university’s primary responsibility is to educate. The Philosophy, Politics and Economics program is a rigorous course of study and such a popular minor that it can’t keep up with student demand. As for track and field, it teaches student-athletes invaluable lessons about initiative, perseverance, and teamwork.

We will advance UNC’s research mission with a $5 million gift to the Lineberger Cancer Center that builds on previous foundation-supported programs to create the new John William Pope “Tomorrow’s Best Hope” Endowed Fellowship Fund. This will allow six postdoctoral fellows to conduct path-breaking research on cancer treatment and prevention.

An impressive example of public service, UNC Horizons is a national pioneer in combating substance abuse among pregnant women and new mothers. Our gift will help fund an evaluation of its treatment program and encourage others to follow its lead.

When state institutions of higher learning succeed at their core missions, we all benefit. My family and I are honored to contribute to UNC — to achieve the Lux et Libertas, the “Light and Liberty,” that graces the university’s seal. We hope other North Carolinians will do the same.