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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Courtney Jordan: an Odyssey of growth

Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan | Talks to Southern Business Review about The Odyssey Channel| In Raleigh Durham North Carolina

Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan, a Charlotte, North Carolina native, is based out of Raleigh-Durham and headquartered in London, England [VENBEYCAP]. Is living proof that with the right mindset and a fighter’s heart that anything is possible.

Heralded by Modern Mogul UK as the man with the Midas touch. The brazen Entrepreneur sat with our Randy Williams to talk about his new network, his continuing fight with cancer, and his upcoming book.

This Interview is taking place three weeks before Jordan is set to resume chemotherapy.

Beginning with a few pictures taken on the staircase in the building, Jordan being the perfectionist he is. Apologizes for the lack of art on the walls, saying things are just starting off there. This is how the entrepreneur begins an interview.

“The entrepreneurial journey of Courtney Jordan is truly inspiring in more ways than one.” -Oliver Thaik

Courtney Jordan and his partner Mary Bassey are the proud owners of a vast portfolio of small to medium size businesses around the world. Including Venture Beyond (VENBEYCAP) and Scenester which recently acquired digital and regional aired tv network.

A dream actualized even during the months spent in the hospital, his dreams and the work that would take to fulfill them kept him going. Saying “that even during the worst period of my life I hung on to my faith and my drive. It is what pushed me.”

In late 2016 Jordan would see a recurrence of cancer [leiomyosarcoma]in conjunction with a heart condition [long q-t syndrome] which would lead Jordan to a two-month hospital stay in 2017, even having to be placed on life support. During an interview with BossedUP Magazine, Jordan spoke about the digital tv revolution that was going on, and his desire to be a part of it.

“I had always thought that dealing with the loss of my baby sister, and a few years later the death of my father would be the worse times I would ever experience” but a few months marked with deep betrayal, abandonment, an extremely weaken physical and mental state would serve as a stark reminder that life is something that, try as we might we cannot control.” For him Courtney says was something difficult to grasp.

 “Control is something I needed, but these experiences, I have learned that control is something we can never truly possess, it is just a simple illusion of comfort the mind conceives.”

Now, as far as letting his health stand in his way, he says, it is irrelevant.

"I’ve always taken everything I do seriously, but I don’t take myself seriously. I think there’s an important distinction. You need to give everything your all, but if it doesn’t work, laugh at yourself, learn from your mistakes, and move on."

“Ever since the Key Club in High School, I’ve taken things seriously. I treated it like a real job, and that degree of dedication shaped my life. By the time I was 15 I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life.”

"I look at everything as a picture made up of a multitude of dots and colors"

“For me, that’s how life and business works. I’ve always been inquisitive — I need to understand everything. It’s why I’ve wanted to work in all the different positions within my chosen field, and why I’ll always ask questions. The more you know, the bigger the picture, and the more you can connect the dots.” “It’s the same with people and networks. Be open to as many possibilities and networking opportunities as possible, and then connect anyone who you believe will benefit from it. Give of yourself freely.”

“In this way, I’ve helped others, but great opportunities have also come my way. A few years ago, when I was offered the opportunity to buy into a hotel franchise, I secured funding because I was introduced to the right people by a hotel franchisee who I had introduced to my industry contacts. It wasn’t a quid pro quo, but the result of networking and relationship building, and then connecting each other with great people.” “The deal didn’t go through, but I’d learned two valuable things: First, with the right connections and business plan, the funding you need is obtainable, and second when an opportunity doesn’t go as planned, it’s often because something bigger and better is around the corner.”

“If you believe in yourself, that’s all that really matters. Often times no one can see the vision you have, and that is ok. Even when the vision grows and plants itself into something different than where you started off from. Even when you fail. It is ok, the key is to never drown yourself in a sea of negativity, nor to give up on what fuels you.” “Having gone through betrayal of the sickest kind.” I could not let that shape my path.  It made me different, but I know it wasn’t the fuel that I needed to feed the fire within.”

 When asked to elaborate on the betrayal Jordan wasn’t ready to go in the particulars, opting to leave that for pages of his upcoming book.

However, what does fuel the fire Jordan says is “the work of building and watching the birth of an idea take its first breaths as it enters reality.” For the entrepreneur, The Odyssey Channel is taking its first breaths. “Living the Journey” is the slogan that captures the essence of not only Jordan but the network that will serve as nostalgia TV for the millennial generation.

Jordan says the network will have original programming beginning with “booze news”. one of the things to survive Scenester Inc.’s massive restructuring.

“A lesson hard learned for me was you need not just the right people but the right fit” “As we build and grow it is essential that the right people fit well with the concept and the company. “

No one can build your dreams for you — only you can do that. But who you trust to enrich and work that dream Is something that is just as important as the dream itself.